European Commission outsources IT

Unisys-led consortiums have won a chunk of a €900m European Commission IT outsourcing programme

Unisys-led consortiums have won a chunk of a €900m European Commission IT outsourcing programme.

Part of the contract sees two Unisys-led consortiums provide IT services to more than 40,000 civil servants. This includes support for applications, information management, data warehousing and business intelligence.

The overall External service provision for development, studies and support for information systems (ESP DESIS III) framework contract is the largest ever awarded by the EC.

According to the Commission, the framework covers “the acquisition of services for development, studies and support in the context of the institutions' information systems environment”. 

This includes the adaptation and integration of existing systems, as well as project management, pre-analysis, feasibility studies, proof of concept, analysis, design, programming, testing, installation, customisation, documentation, training, end-user assistance and information systems consultancy services.

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The Unisys-led consortiums will work on two lots of four in the overall framework. One is for project management, analytics and consultancy services and another is to support the organisation’s functional and business needs.

The contract is worth about £90m to Unisys over four years.

About 160 Unisys staff will be deployed at EC locations in Brussels, Luxembourg and Ispra, Italy, as part of a total consortium workforce of more than 1,850 IT professionals.

In the project, Unisys Belgium will work with Trasys Group, Atos, Sogeti, Intrasoft, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Everis, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (EII), Iris and Piksel.

It is also involved in a consortium led by Trasys Group in another lot, which is delivering development services for environments including Oracle, Java and Microsoft SharePoint.

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