Growing numbers of IT leaders put mission-critical apps in the cloud

Most IT leaders have put mission-critical apps in the cloud or are planning to over the next two years, says Forrester

Most IT leaders already have mission-critical apps in the cloud or are planning to put them there in the next two years, according to research.

A study of 300 IT and business decision-makers revealed this is the case for 81%, according to analyst firm Forrester.

The Infosys-sponsored research revealed that cost savings is no longer the main reason to put apps in the cloud. According to 77% of respondents, agility is now more important.

The research found businesses want a better view of their IT landscape and are looking for integrators to provide this and help them improve the user experience.

The findings are part of a study, Simplify and innovate the way you consume cloud, which surveyed large businesses in the UK, Australia, France, Germany and the US.

Some 86% of Australian enterprises use the cloud in their production environment for more than a year. This is the case for 50% of enterprises in the US and about 60% across Germany, France and the UK.

Forrester said cloud computing had reached a tipping point for enterprises: “Some 83% of the enterprises we surveyed are struggling to bring together all their cloud services – from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and from public and private clouds to traditional IT.” The study recommends enterprises consider a cloud ecosystem hub.

Vishnu Bhat, global head of cloud and infrastructure services at Infosys said: “While cloud adoption has definitely accelerated, user experience has become a major concern for enterprises. They are facing challenges in poor levels of self-service, insufficient transparency and a lack of operational simplicity.”

Other survey findings

The Forrester survey also revealed:

  • 66% agree they should prioritise developing a comprehensive cloud strategy for their IT infrastructure;
  • 70% want to work with a cloud implementation provider that offers a single point of accountability;
  • 66 % are either concerned or very concerned about the complexity involved in managing and governing a hybrid cloud environment;
  • 27% think present levels of self-service and transparency are sufficient;
  • 83% of the cloud adopters surveyed are struggling to consolidate their cloud services – from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and from public and private clouds;
  • 69% think operational simplicity will drive future demand.


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