McAfee Next Generation firewall addresses siloed security risks

McAfee claims its Next Generation Firewall product will help CIOs mitigate the risks associated with siloed security products

McAfee has launched a new version of its Next Generation Firewall product, claiming that seamless integration with other systems and technologies will make the firewall a more useful tool to help mitigate the risks associated with disparate, multi-supplier security implementations.

Research commissioned by McAfee to accompany the launch found that 39% of the organisations surveyed were spending too much time managing their complex security network as opposed to tackling the threats themselves.

A third of buyers said their organisation was using too many security products, with over half using five or more.

Those using multiple, separate security products were found to be increasingly at risk of being compromised in a data breach.

The absence of integration and compatibility between point security systems meant that 75% of the decision-makers questioned either could not say or agreed that siloed products left them exposed.

Speaking at a roundtable event at The Shard in London, Ashish Patel, regional director, UKI, at McAfee, said he wanted to address the fact that decision-makers, by-and-large, differed on exactly what a next-generation firewall was or does, or whether they had or needed one.

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“In the beginning, firewalls were very much a security product,” said Patel. “Over the years they have evolved into a network product, and behind that people put more and more security devices.

“The Next Generation Firewall is about bringing it back into the world of security, taking information from inside the network,” he added.

The latest product integrates with the McAfee Security Connected framework to offer layered protection against outside threats and evasions, utilising information from McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator to offer:

  • Operational efficiency benefits, offering insight into endpoint security posture and simplified administration when investigating incidents;
  • Integration with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, improving security posture, reducing response times and allowing continuous monitoring and alerting of compliance status;
  • Integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defence, enabling real-time protection against rapidly mutating malware and zero-day threats;
  • Reputation and threat intelligence from McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence cloud, sharing information between users to offer higher levels of protection against active advanced threats and malware.

Patel said the product was the culmination of the integration that has taken place between McAfee and Stonesoft, the Finnish firewall specialist it bought in 2013.

“When McAfee bought Stonesoft, we were integrated within a year with five or six other McAfee products. You can clearly see that integration in the new product,” he said.

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