Pennine NHS Trust prepares for major digital patient initiative

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is planning to digitise 100 million paper-based patient records

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is planning to digitise 100 million paper-based patient records, in what is claimed to be one of the largest electronic patient record implementations in the UK.

The trust, which is one of the largest acute hospitals in NHS England, is planning to use the Evolve EMR (electronic medical records) platform from Kainos and data capture services from EDM Group to provide clinicians with consistent and up-to-date version of patient information.

Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust said the digitisation of paper-based case notes and digital workflow will help to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of internal processes.

Christine Walters, director of IM&T at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “A vast amount of time, work and energy is spent just moving case notes around. We went out to find a solution to help us remove paper case notes completely.”

The trust also plans to use Evolve eForms to consolidate the use of electronic forms at the point of care, removing paper at source as quickly as possible to maximise benefits.

EDM aims to scan 100 million records in the first year of the contract. Over the course of eight years, the trust expects to capture 450 million images.

The UK is the biggest electronic health record (EHR) market in Europe, with $2.1bn expected to be spent on the technology by the end of 2015 following 4.1% annual growth.

A recent survey from Accenture found that 97% of English patients and 94% of doctors agree patients should have some degree of access to their EMR, but 67% have no access.

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