Data roaming charges across EU tumble

Data roaming charges in the EU have fallen more than 50% after new rules came into force

Data roaming charges in the EU have fallen by more than 50% as new caps came into force limiting roaming charges for calls, texts and mobile data in Europe.

The capping rules were set earlier this year by the European Parliament, which voted to end roaming tariff fees across the EU as part of its goal of creating a single telecoms market.

It will now cost a maximum of €0.20 per megabyte to download data or browse the internet when travelling abroad; 12 months before the current cap came into effect, the cost was up to €0.45 per MB.

Roaming costs for text messages and calls have also been capped. The maximum outbound call cost is now 15p a minute and text messages are capped at 6p.

According to the European Commission website, operators also have to send a warning to users when they reach 80% of their data roaming bill limit so they do not receive unexpectedly large bills.

In April this year, the European Parliament proposed to abolish roaming charges completely on SMS messages, voice calls and data by 15 December 2015 in order to end competition between rival providers and provide customers with a fairer and more regulated service.

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Eurosceptics take note: This initiative is thanks to the European Union. No national state working alone could have achieved a similar result; the mobile phone companies are too powerful. It required the concerted effort of EU nations working together.


Switzerland (not in the EU) still beats the EU regulations. Swiss people can go as low as €0.065 / MB (vs €0.2 / MB). Also plenty of subscriptions include many MB / month. The subscription most people have include 30MB and the high-end 200MB.


Schmich, that rather misses the point. What do you have to pay when travelling outside Switzerland, when roaming around Europe? That's the point.

From next year roaming charges across the EU will be abolished, thanks to the initiatives of the European Union.