Indian information workers most engaged in Asian-Pacific

A higher proportion in India-based information workers see themselves as being engaged at their current employer than those in other countries in the APAC region

Information workers based in India are more engaged at their current employer than those in other Asia-Pacific countries, according to a study.

Forty-two percent of India-based information workers believe they are engaged in their jobs, compared to the APAC average of 29%.

The study of over 3,000 information workers in the APAC region, including about 500 in India, defined engaged information workers as those likely to stay at their company, recommend its products to friends and family or recommend a job at their company.

61% of India information workers said they feel they are recognized for the effort they put in, compared to 52% in China and 26% in Singapore. The regional average was 41%. 

The survey also revealed that 62% of information workers of India feel that if they can find a better way to do their job and that the boss will always support them, compared to a regional average being 45% and 13% in Japan. 

“Overall, employees who are engaged are more likely to agree that they ‘feel recognized for their efforts put in’ and ‘feel challenged at work every day’ compared to those who are not engaged,” said Forrester.

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