Infosys seeks business graduates as sales conversation changes

Infosys is seeking 200 MBA graduates to help its global sales operation evolve into a solver of business challenges rather than fixer of IT problems

Infosys is looking for 200 MBA graduates across the world to help its global sales operation evolve into a solver of customer business challenges through IT rather than a fixer of IT problems.

As IT becomes a business enabler, IT services suppliers require different skills of their salespeople.

The Indian IT services giant wants to employ graduates of leading business universities, including Imperial College Business School, Harvard and Mannheim.

The recruitment of business graduates from high-profile business schools reflects Infosys’s global status and changing customer demand, according to Srikanth Iyengar, global head of business development at Infosys.

“Ten to 12 years ago our sales teams were in conversations with customers about fixing IT problems, but now it is about addressing business challenges,” he said. “We need people with a combination of skills to better engage clients.”

The recruits will be client sales focused, up to 10% of which could be in the UK.

Infosys will pay competitive salaries as it will be competing with large companies that are used to bagging MBA graduates from top universities.

“These people have choices and will be attracted to more established global brands,” said Iyengar.

He pointed out, however, that the clients might not get the same client-focused opportunity with established brands and Infosys will give more opportunities to work in different global locations.

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