Microsoft releases Android SDK for Office 365

Microsoft has released an open source software development kit for Android

Microsoft has released an open source software development kit (SDK) for Android.

Last year, Microsoft released an Office app in the US for use of Office 365 on iOS and Android, which allows users to edit Office documents on their mobile devices.

This new SDK will allow Android applications to access Office 365 data, such as SharePoint files, Exchange calendar details and contacts, for use within Android apps such as Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs.

The Office application programming interfaces (APIs) allow developers to select which Office components their app will interact with, enabling more efficient development of applications while increasing application interoperability.  

Office 365 was launched in opposition to other similar services such as Google Apps, forcing enterprises to choose between services. is one business that chose to use Google Docs and Chrome boxes throughout much of its business, as opposed to Windows machines and Microsoft Office 365 or a combination of both.

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Poundland recently took the opposite approach, and adopted Office 365 as its internal collaboration and communications suite due to its cloud capabilities and scalability.

But the latest Office 365 APIs will increase interoperability between apps, making it easier for users to access information stored in Office 365 apps.

“Having Microsoft and Google competing for the better product in an environment where it’s required that they collaborated, it’s in no one’s interest for them not to,” Said Mark Ridley, director of technology at “I would very much hope that they do continue to try to make sure there is interoperability.”

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