Computer science applications rise after 2012 dip

UCAS figures reveal a spike in computer science university applications and acceptances for 2013 cycle

The number of UK students applying for and being accepted on computer science university courses is on the rise again, despite a plummet in all university applications in 2012 due to rising fees, UCAS figures have revealed.

In 2013, 99,165 students applied for computer science-related degree courses, with 21,710 being offered a place.

In 2012 application figures for the same computer science courses stood at 89,673 with 19,353 students accepted.

According to the university admission body, the number of students applying for pure computer science rose from 60,264 in 2012 to 67,795 in 2013.

After pure computer science, the second most popular technology subject is information systems, but 2013 saw a decrease in applications for the subject, with only 10,835 applicants compared to 12,045 in 2012. Accepted students for this subject also decreased from 2,907 in 2012 to 2,665 in 2013.

Software engineering applicants spiked, increasing from 8,256 to 9,705 in 2013, and more students seemed to take an interest in gaming, with an increase of applicants from 2,351 in 2912 to 3,400 the following year.

Overall, an increase in applications was seen in six out of nine computer science-related courses - pure computer science, software engineering, games, computer-generated visual and audio effects, others in computer sciences and combinations in computer sciences.

The course with the biggest increase in demand was computer-generated visual and audio effects, which saw a fivefold application increase from 43 applications and 19 acceptances in 2102 to 240 applications and 80 acceptances in 2013.

Courses that fell in popularity among students were health informatics, artificial intelligence and information systems.

Overall, there were 2,711,870 university applications for all subjects in 2013 with 495,595 acceptances. In 2012 there were 2,636,252 applications and 465,910 acceptances. Back in 2011, before the announcement of rises in university fees, 2,847,012 students applied for university with 492,030 being accepted.  

Below you will find a Computer Weekly interactive graphic displaying the computer science results from the UCAS 2013 report.

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