Property developer Lend Lease switches to infrastructure as a service to improve agility

Property developer Lend Lease deploys infrastructure as a service from Logicalis to replace its 10-year-old datacentre and cut costs

Property developer Lend Lease has deployed infrastructure as a service from Logicalis to replace its 10-year-old datacentre.

Logicalis has migrated and transformed the company's infrastructure and services from the existing datacentre into a managed service model.

The implementation involved migrating legacy applications, the implementation of a cloud model, co-location and a range of managed services.

The Tier III datacentre facility operated by Logicalis delivers cost reductions through a shared service model. It gives Lend Lease the commercial and operational flexibility to meet the company's changing business requirements.

Chris Lemon, European infrastructure manager at Lend Lease, said: "Strategically, our motivation was to look at how we, as an ICT team, would be more effective in delivering our services. We chose to explore an infrastructure as a service model, and spent considerable time in the discovery phase to understand what we wanted."

Rather than outsourcing the whole IT infrastructure, Lemon said Lend Lease wanted a partnership, allowing the company to retain in-house skills to support the business, while Logicalis took care of the infrastructure.

The final stage of migration was completed in April 2013. Lemon said the infrastructure as a service model is less than half of what it would cost Lend Lease to build a new datacentre.

He expects the approach to deliver savings on IT resources, management and energy bills over the next three years. 

"Not only are we making a substantial saving on energy costs, we’ve also moved out of a costly refresh lifecycle," said Lemon. 

"Logicalis has enabled us to re-purpose IT resource on business innovation, rather than just day-to-day maintenance. 

"We already have plans in place to look at ways to optimise storage and back-up, collaboration and shared drive options."

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