Manpower survey shows telecoms roles are in demand for fourth quarter

Despite only a 3% increase, Manpower survey reveals telecoms and media sector in demand for roles in mobile, cable and TV.

Increased investments in broadband infrastructure in the UK has boosted hiring opportunities in the telecommunication and media sector, according to a report by ManpowerGroup.

With the fourth quarter experiencing a 3% rise in the sector, Manpower claim there are plenty of permanent and temporary jobs available in mobile, cable and TV.

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey is based on responses from 2,100 UK employers asking employers their hiring intentions for the coming quarter, including any plans to reduce the size of their workforce.

According to the survey the finance and business services market has seen an increase of 11%. Despite companies such as Barclays announcing 1,700 job cuts at branches, jobs in the IT skills sector have increased in demand.

Tobias Mills, ManpowerGroup sector director telecommunications and media said that both the telecommunications and media sectors are very exciting place to be operating in at the moment: “An innovative development in the sector, particularly within the media space, is the continued growth of private social networks - effectively talent pools of rare skills, freelancers or sole traders that businesses can draw on.

“These networks deliver contemporary, low cost platforms for users to keep in regular contact with individuals or small companies who they may deal with on a more sporadic basis, but want to keep engaged and up to date with developments in their business.

The survey also questioned employers about their plans for 2014, with an increase of 5% for all UK sectors, revealing that UK employers are optimistic about employing staff in the first three months of 2014.

ManpowerGroup UK managing director, Mark Cahill, said: “Going into 2014, the UK jobs market has the characteristics of a swan: it’s making steady, serene progress on the surface but a very different picture emerges beneath the water where it is paddling away furiously.

“Continued pressure on pay, underemployment and a lack of the necessary skills among candidates means it’s still an employer’s market and employees are yet to feel the effects of the economic recovery in their pockets. These issues don’t look like they will ease up much in the near future.”

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