Norfolk and Suffolk police outsource back-office systems

Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies are outsourcing ERP and duty management systems to Capgemini in a seven-year deal worth £3.75m

Norfolk and Suffolk constabularies are outsourcing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and duty management systems to Capgemini.

The police forces plan to consolidate their back-office systems in a seven-year deal worth £3.75m.

Capgemini will supply, implement and support its Transform Police – "t-Police" – ERP system. The IT services supplier will integrate it with duty management and rostering systems. 

The platform will enable the constabularies to save money and improve collaboration by combining their back office functions.

The t-Police system enables police authorities to share such business services as HR and payroll, and include front-line support functions.

Phillip Clayton, Assistant Chief Officer (ACO) for Suffolk Constabulary and the Senior Responsible Officer for the joint programme, the deal will save costs and reduce the time officers spend on administrative tasks.

Stephen Bett, Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, said: “Anything that cuts down on administration and process and frees up police time has to be a good thing. 

"This is yet another example of collaboration between our two forces in action and will help both be more effective and more efficient.”

Tim Passmore, Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk, said: “This new system will positively redress the balance of staff time spent on the front-line and administration tasks. 

"This is a good example of the benefits of collaboration; the two constabularies working together to provide the very best value for the people of Suffolk.”

Cheshire and Northamptonshire Police were the first to implement Capgemini's t-Police system. Since its implementation in 2012, the constabularies have cut costs by 38% through improved efficiencies. 

The Cheshire and Northamptonshire police force partnership, known as the Multi-Force Shared Service, set up finance and purchasing shared services and upgrade technology to support finance and purchasing, as well as estates and logistics transactions. 

The joint venture later moved to the next phase and introduced a human resources shared service and implemented technology to support HR and duty management.




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