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VCE launches datacentre, cloud products as converged infrastructure spend grows

VCE, the joint venture company formed by Cisco, EMC, VMware and Intel has launched new variations of its converged cloud suite Vblock as CI market soars

VCE, the joint venture company formed by Cisco, EMC, VMware and Intel to sell converged infrastructure (CI), has launched new variations of its converged cloud suite Vblock. The new products come as an IDC report forecast that CI spending will increase by 20% in 2013 and 2014.

The IDC white paper, commissioned by VCE, found that enterprises prefer converged systems that integrate compute, storage, and network resources as well as virtualisation software and infrastructure management software over the traditional build-it-yourself IT.

The traditional in-house-built IT approach is costly and time consuming and a growing number of organisations are opting for a prebuilt, preconfigured CI suite, according to the white paper.

It found that enterprises globally spent over $3.3bn (£2.07bn) on CI solutions in 2012 and are on pace to spend over $4bn (£2.52bn) in 2013. This represents a 20% growth compared to the traditional server market that has remained flat.

In the report enterprises implementing CI cited improved efficiency of IT staff and the improved utilisation of IT resources as top benefits, said IDC.

Converged infrastructure frees server, storage, and networking administrators from routine, mundane maintenance tasks. Because of the pre-integrated, pre-tested nature of the converged platforms, IT departments can reallocate staff time and resources toward projects that focus on innovating IT service or enhancing the environment.

One UK company that deployed VCE’s Vblock CI solution is Jaguar Land Rover. “We want an efficient, scalable and agile IT infrastructure,” said JLR’s CTO Gordon McMullan. “At the same time, I don’t want to be worrying about the underlying technology of the infrastructure and instead focus on more strategic IT issues."

The pre-tested, pre-engineered nature of CI products eliminated the time needed for JLR to design, build and test services.

VCE’s new products that integrate technologies from all its parent companies include Vblock System 340; Vblock Specialised System for high performance databases; Vblock Specialised System for Extreme Applications; VCE Vision Intelligent Operations 2.5 software; and new VCE Cloud Accelerator Services.

The products will help customers “simplify and accelerate the deployment of next generation datacentre and cloud infrastructures,” said Praveen Akkiraju, VCE’s chief executive.

The IDC whitepaper said enterprises deploying VCE Vblock System found their annual datacentre costs go down by 50% and downtime reduced by 96%.

According to another user, Paul Birkin, CTO of Capita IT Services, VCE’s Cloud Accelerator Services will simplify Capita’s deployment, minimise its time to market, and lower business deployment risks with its pre-engineered and pre-validated features and help the company provide secure, high-performance cloud infrastructures to its customers.


All the new VCE products are slated to be available in the fourth quarter of 2013.

“As we look at the need to bring applications and network infrastructures closer, having integrated Vblock solutions from VCE represent the future of making infrastructure more application-friendly, and datacentres more efficient,” said David Yen, senior vice president and general manager of the datacentre technology group at Cisco.  

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