PCS and Unite unions join forces at Fujitsu

The Unite and Public Commercial Services (PCS) unions will coordinate work together at IT supplier Fujitsu

The Unite and Public Commercial Services (PCS) unions will coordinate work together at IT supplier Fujitsu to better reflect the mixed representation among the company’s staff.

The two unions have signed an agreement to ensure that workers who have joined the company as a result of public sector and private sector outsourcing deals will be equally represented. The unions will work together in signing up new members from the IT workers joining Fujitsu via IT outsourcing contracts.

The change is in recognition of the diverse Fujitsu business, which has many workers from different sectors, said Unite general secretary Len McCluskey.

"This agreement recognises the nature of Fujitsu's business and ensures that the unions cooperate to best represent their members within the company. Whether workers are transferred in, or already work for the company, this deal ensures they have the best possible representation.”

He said the two unions will work together on campaigns at national and local levels, share information and work together to build union organisation at Fujitsu. “This is a groundbreaking agreement for Fujitsu staff which will ensure that trade union representation goes from strength to strength." 

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said the government's obsession with austerity has bled into private companies: “Many of them are using the recession as an opportunity to cut staff and wages to make ever higher profits.

"We look forward to building on the excellent links we already have with Unite in Fujitsu, as well as elsewhere in the private and public sectors, to ensure workers can stand together to improve their working lives and living standards."

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