Australia wants UK IT professionals

UK IT professionals are in demand in Australia as cities begin major IT projects, according to an emigration consultancy

UK IT professionals are in demand in Australia as cities begin major IT projects, according to a company that specialises in emigration.

The Emigration Group said there is high demand for IT professionals at all levels across Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

It said the roles in highest demand are software engineers, systems analysts, programmers, computer network engineers, ICT sales reps, web developers, database administrators and network analysts.

IT projects in Australia include the national roll-out of broadband, called the National Broadband Network scheme, which is creating significant work. There are also major IT employers with head offices in Australia.

Paul Arthur, director of The Emigration Group, said Australia is desperate for skilled IT professionals.

“This is a huge opportunity for workers in the UK who may be struggling to get work here. If you are a skilled IT worker you have a good chance of qualifying for permanent residence Down Under," said Arthur.

“Aside from the career opportunities for IT professionals in Australia, the salaries are often higher than what you will get in the UK.” 

According a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Australian city Melbourne retains the crown of the most livable city. 

In 2011 KPMG researched 95 cities in 10 countries to establish the best place for research and development (R&D). Australia was found to be the best country to carry out R&D including IT, with Melbourne the best city in the world. 

At the time of the KPMG study, Melbourne accounted for 25% of Australia's total IT revenue, with 8,500 IT companies and 140,000 IT professionals, according to Australian government figures.


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