LinkedIn opens up to younger users

Professional networking service LinkedIn has announced it is to lower the 18 age limit for users to enable young people to plan their careers

Professional networking service LinkedIn has announced it is to lower the 18 age limit for members to enable young people to plan their careers.

 From 12 September, users as young as 14 in the US and 13 in the UK and elsewhere in the world will be able to set up a LinkedIn account, according to the Telegraph.

The firm claims that it has 238 million users, that it is growing at a rate of two users per second, and that 30 million students and recent graduates are already using the service.

LinkedIn said company pages that are dedicated to individual employers are popular with potential recruits, and that it wants to extend the concept to universities.

According to the professional networking firm, students need more information about potential places to study and potential career options.

Although LinkedIn has emphasised that it is "still a professional network", the move is clearly aimed at growing its membership.

Facebook, which has been open to those aged 13 and up from early on in its history, has already passed the milestone of a billion users.  

LinkedIn already has 200 university pages aimed at showing students and potential applicants where graduates now work.

The new pages will also provide updates from universities around the world and opportunities for graduates to connect.

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