Atos powers sports information system

Atos is to develop what it claims is the world's first results and common data platform for sports

Atos is to develop what it claims is the world's first results and common data platform for sports.

Atos has signed a contract with the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) to build a common data platform called ISIS for ASOIF's members. The system will collate results and athletes’ biographical data and will provide data to major event organisers including the Olympic Games, to improve information services for the media.

ASOIF is evaluating how the Olympic Data Feed (ODF), defined by Atos for the IOC (International Olympics Committee) could be integrated with a common data exchange protocol for ISIS.

According to Atos, a common data platform will be used to distribute high quality and accurate official sports data which has been validated at source to event organisers and broadcasters.

Atos will initially define a data standard that supports multi-sport data. According to Atos, this will form the foundation of ISIS. Each member organisation will then need to develop its own IT systems to achieve ISIS compatibility.

Yan Noblot, chief operating officer (COO) at Major Events Unit, Atos, said: “Not only will all athlete data be secure and correctly centralised conforming to one standard, it will also be much more efficient and effective to export the data to major events such as the Olympic Games and other sports client groups."

According to Gerry Pennell, who was CIO for LOCOG (London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) during London 2012, Atos transmitted the results to the world’s commentators in 0.3 seconds. 

Pennell now works for University of Manchester as director of IT.

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