Microsoft slashes the price of its Surface tablet

Microsoft has cut the price of its flagship Surface tablet

Microsoft has cut the price of its flagship Surface tablet. The 32GB Surface RT has dropped from £400 to £279, while the 64GB RT’s price was also cut by 30% to £359.

But the Microsoft’s Surface Pro has not seen any changes to its price. The full Windows 8 tablet starting price remains at £719 for 64GB.

The devices were launched at the end of last year to challenge Apple and Android tablets, which dominated the market.

Tablet shipments have grown 142% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2013. According to IDC, 49.2 million tablets were shipped in Q1 and 900,000 of those units were Surface RT and Surface Pro devices.

The change in pricing comes days after CEO Steve Ballmer announced plans to reinvent Microsoft with a big push to develop hardware.

Expanding beyond the Xbox and the Surface tablet, Ballmer plans to grow consumer hardware and enterprise services. “We will design, create and deliver, through us and through third parties, a complete family of Windows-powered devices,” he said.

Part of this push with devices in the consumer sector will also occur in the enterprise market.

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