IBM and 10Gen collaborate on database standard for enterprise mobile

IBM and 10Gen are to work together on a database development standard for mobile enterprise applications

IBM and 10Gen, the commercial custodian of open source NoSQL database MongoDB, have agreed to work together on a new database development standard for mobile enterprise applications.

Jerry Cuomo (pictured), IBM Fellow and WebSphere chief technical officer, said the agreement is one step in the firm’s advance into the “new era” of mobile, social, cloud and big data. He said it extends the company’s "Mobile First" strategy.

“Not all mobile devices are alike, but they do all support open web standards like HTML 5, CSS, and JSON [Javascript Object Notation]. We embrace that, and have been working in those communities for quite some time," said Cuomo.

“This agreement with 10Gen is bringing the best of both worlds, whether relational or not. Write once, run anywhere is the mantra.”

The companies said the new standard will enable customers to connect their existing systems with new computing technologies to “bridge the gap between big data, cloud, mobile and social business technologies with the enterprise world of record databases”.

Millions of developers, they said, are designing web and mobile apps using NoSQL database technology and companies need the tools to combine data from these new apps with enterprise databases such as IBM’s DB2.

“Our customers are building mobile enterprise apps that need to talk to a back end. Programming on an enterprise server and putting data in an enterprise database puts you in a different world to, say, Angry Birds," said Cuomo.

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“We are, with the 10Gen relationship, simplifying things for a mobile developer, so the skills and knowledge that they have building on the client are transferred to the server and the database.”

The standard will evolve from the MongoDB query language and application programming interface (API). Developers who use IBM Eclipse tools with IBM Worklight Studio can now integrate MongoDB APIs.

Angel Diaz, vice-president of IBM Software Standards said: “The vibrancy of open source communities is very impressive and the MongoDB community is one of the strongest out there. This won’t be just IBM and 10Gen.

“CIOs will likely have people in their own organisations using open technology, whether for social, mobile, cloud or big data,” he said. IBM's working with 10Gen, and similar activities, will give CIOs more assurance that their “teams are heading on the right path, and that we are committed to building out an open architecture", he said.

Max Schireson, CEO at 10Gen said: “10Gen recognises the importance of open governance models for developing projects for the community. IBM has played a critical role in bringing important new technologies to the enterprise, including inventing the relational database and popularising Structured Query Language (SQL) and Linux. We are excited to collaborate with IBM and other interested parties in evolving the standards for interacting with MongoDB.”

Cuomo added: “Through its support of MongoDB, IBM is making it easier for millions of developers to deliver mobile apps that can tap the vast data resources managed by business systems of record.

“We are living through a renaissance in application development,” he said, comparable with the advent of e-business at the end of the 1990s. “There is a storm of people writing new applications,” he added.

Diaz said: “The cool difference between then and now is that, back then, we had very little input from outside the IT community. The use case for HTML was to deliver physics information. The use case for XML was mathematics. Now there is a broader curve of adoption, and the innovation is much faster.”

IBM will standardise on BSON, the MongoDB wire protocol and the MongoDB query language in two application technologies, the elastic, in-memory WebSphere eXtreme Scale data grid platform and the DB2 database platform. Customers can begin to use these new features later this summer by pairing eXtreme Scale with MongoDB, and by running their MongoDB applications on DB2 directly.

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