Facebook most popular social media tool in the enterprise

Facebook dominates, but businesses will begin rolling out enterprise social media tools in the next 12 months

Consumer-focused social media services such as Twitter and Facebook dominate the workplace.

But businesses will begin rolling out enterprise-specific social media services over the next 12 months, claims a survey by IT services company Avanade.

The majority of companies have rolled out Facebook and Twitter in preference to enterprise social media services, such as SharePoint or Salesforce.com, according to the survey of 1,000 IT decision-makers and 4,000 users.

But over the next year, businesses plan to roll out enterprise social media technologies, with Microsoft SharePoint (23%) and Salesforce Chatter (23%) at the top of their list of priorities, according to Avanade, a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture.

“It feels like we are reaching a time when organisations are starting to do something with social media and take it more seriously,” said Andy Hutchins, director for content and collaboration at Avanade UK.

The survey shows that over 80% companies that are using social media services want to use more social media services in the future.

Social media makes employees' jobs more enjoyable, makes them more productive, and helps get work done faster, say its supporters.

However, a quarter of decision-makers worry that social collaboration tools encourage employees to waste time or distract them from their jobs.

The research shows that nearly 88% of companies use web-based social media technologies in the workplace, but most do not integrate social media into their enterprise IT systems.

“There is a false sense of accomplishment. Just having social tools available does not deliver business value,” said Hutchins.

Lack of training for users was one of the biggest barriers to using social media, coupled with lack of IT resources, both cited by 26% of decision-makers.

Social media use in enterprises
Facebook 74%
Twitter 51%
LinkedIn 45%
Microsoft SharePoint 39%
IBM Open Connections 17%
Salesforce Chatter 12%
Yammer 11%
Jive 7%


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