HP to embed 3D controls in PCs with Leap Motion technology

HP has signed a deal with motion-control technology company Leap Motion to embed 3D gesture technology in PCs

HP has agreed a deal with Leap Motion to embed the motion-control technology company's 3D gesture technology within HP PCs.

Leap Motion's 3D gesture technology can detect the movement of 10 fingers at once, using two cameras with three infrared LEDs in the controller to track hand movements. 

Originally inspired by the frustrations of 3D modelling with a mouse and keyboard, the technology allows users to interact with items on a computer screen in 3D.

HP will embed this technology in some of its future computers, thereby removing the need for users to buy the peripheral gadget. Leap Motion plans to launch its first peripheral product in May.

While the technology is expected to be aimed at consumers and the gaming sector, Leap Motion president Andy Miller told the BBC that partnerships with car and medical industries would be announced soon, following testing with surgeons. “Leap Motion is not a toy,” he said.

According to Miller, HP hardware embedded with the Leap Motion technology is likely to be available by the summer. 

Meanwhile, Leap Motion has also made a deal with Asus, which hopes to incorporate the technology in high-end notebooks and All-in-One PCs in the near future.

Following a PC market crash at the beginning of 2013, with shipments 14% lower than the same period last year, manufacturers are looking at new technologies to make PCs more compelling for businesses and consumers.

The major PC suppliers are struggling because enterprises are not refreshing PCs as regularly as they used to and, in the consumer sector, people are buying tablets rather than laptops.

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