GLA tests market for £25m 'super-connected city' suppliers

The Greater London Authority is seeking suppliers for £25m superfast broadband funding, as part of the 'super-connected cities' plan

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is seeking broadband suppliers for £25m superfast broadband funding, as part of the government’s “super-connected cities” plan.

Transport for London (TfL) is testing the market for superfast broadband on behalf of the GLA to establish coverage in London for the next three years.

In November 2012, the government’s broadband delivery team (BDUK) awarded the GLA an allocation from the Urban Broadband Fund to support private sector investment in ultrafast broadband infrastructure for download speeds greater than 80Mbps.

The £100m pot was created to be split between the UK’s core cities to improve broadband infrastructure and turn them into "super-connected cities”.

Under the funding allocation, Leeds and Bradford will receive £14.4m, Belfast £13.7m, Manchester £12m, Bristol £11.3m, Cardiff £11m and Edinburgh £10.7m.

In the 2012 Budget, the Chancellor also announced a further £50m to enable 12 smaller cities to become super-connected.

This money will be split between Aberdeen, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Derry, Newport, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, Salford, and York.

TfL said its questionnaire for the Open Market Review will be available from 1 March, with all responses due to be returned by 15 March.


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