Government seeks evidence for 'information economy' strategy

The government is urging SMEs to submit evidence ahead of the publication of its Information Economy Strategy in May

The government is urging SMEs to submit evidence ahead of the publication of its Information Economy Strategy in May 2013.

The strategy aims to promote growth of the 'information economy', defined as: "Digital technologies and information combining to drive productivity and create new growth opportunities across the whole economy."

Smart cities, cloud computing, the internet of things, big data and e-commerce were singled out as the five key growth opportunities in the document.

“The common theme which runs through all these is that there is a critical role for the software, IT services and telecommunications services sectors to play in bringing growth opportunities to fruition,” said the document.

The information economy was highlighted as one of the key areas for growth in the government’s industrial strategy, announced in September 2011.

Once published, the strategy will contain specific pledges from government as to how it can work with industry to foster growth in these areas.

“The information economy sector is a significant enabler of other sectors. The use of digital technology and information is a key element of most parts of the economy which means the strategy has the potential to make a real difference, not only in the UK’s IT sector but across the whole economy,” said the document.

The publication intends to outline the current state of the information economy; a vision for where it is going and the impact it can have on other sectors; and an explanation of how we will get there.

But no additional funding commitments were made in the document.

The document contains 24 questions directed at SMEs affected by the ‘information economy’ to answer, not just those in the technology sector.

SMEs interested in giving evidence should submit their opinion before March 15. Click here for more information.


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