Virsto adds HA capability and VMware and Citrix VDI integration

Virsto virtual machine storage logging product upgraded to version 2.0 with high-availability and support for VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop

Virsto Software has announced version 2.0 of its virtual machine storage traffic logging software product.

The upgrade brings the ability to benefit from high availability capabilities in enterprise virtual machine storage environments so data loss does not occur on hardware failure. Virsto Software has also added full integration with VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop virtual desktop environments.

Virsto comes as a virtual machine installed under a virtualisation hypervisor. It acts as a storage target for other virtual machines, intercepts storage I/O write traffic and holds it in a log in shared storage. By doing so it sequentialises random write I/O and increases virtual machine storage efficiency.

Storage is a key bottleneck for virtual desktop and server environments. With one application per physical server, I/O is less of an issue than in virtual environments where many virtual machines generate large amounts of random I/O requests.

It is this bottleneck that Virsto has targeted. The company claims it can reduce storage needs by 50% per desktop and improve virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) performance by 1,000%.

A key improvement in version 2.0 is to add automated recovery to the Virsto software, said Eric Burgener, vice-president of product management with Virsto.

“Virsto 2.0 is a datacentre-ready product for tier one applications, such as Microsoft Exchange and production databases. It now has high availability support so it can recover from outages with no loss of data.”

Virsto first came to market with a Microsoft Hyper-V version in early 2010. VDI vSphere edition and a XenDesktop beta were launched in 2011, with vSphere support coming last January.

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