Wolverhampton Girls’ High School goes wireless

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School has installed wireless technology across its campus, enabling staff and students to use mobile devices

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School has installed wireless technology across its campus to enable its staff and students to use mobile devices in lessons.

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School has 750 pupils, many of whom bring in their own laptops, tablets and smartphones. However, the school didn’t have the infrastructure to support them.

They chose to install 15 wireless arrays from Xirrus, which was both cheaper than a fully-wired alternative and meant there were no concerns about damaging the buildings during installation.

“Wolverhampton Girls’ High School is set in a very beautiful and old building,” said Sharon Holness, assistant headteacher. “It was important for us to get a wireless solution in place that would be sympathetic to the surroundings.”

“The Xirrus engineers conducted in-depth surveys around the school and were thorough and professional.”

Each array has the capacity for 125,000ft2 of coverage, but with the number of buildings and obstructions, it was necessary to install more.

The deployment happened throughout 2012 with two phases, although Xirrus said each phase itself only took a couple of days.

Now, teachers have embraced the new network by making extra resources available to pupils online, which they believe has led to richer lesson plans and stronger interactions with pupils.

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Xirrus is the perfect and many cases the best fit for Education Wi-Fi with multi-state radios and application control at the edge to cope with BYOD demands. Good choice Wolverhampton Girls.