Icann picks Dundee datacentre to host first Scottish root server

Icann is hosting its first internet root server system in Scotland in a 100-rack datacentre in Dundee from IT provider brightsolid

Icann, the organisation that manages internet protocol numbers and the domain name system root, is hosting its first internet root server system in Scotland in a 100-rack datacentre in Dundee from IT provider brightsolid online technology.

Root server systems are a key part of a database at the centre of the internet, called the domain name system (DNS). The DNS database provides the means for locating and translating internet domain names into internet protocol addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember handle for an internet address.

“Root servers play a critical role in the internet’s infrastructure, and this new root server instance is part of an ongoing effort to improve internet accessibility and operations globally, along with improving the security and stability of the domain name system for all internet users,” said Joe Abley, Icann’s director of DNS operations.

The Dundee datacentre, built by brightsolid in collaboration with global giant IBM, will play a key role in Icann’s mission to strengthen global internet access.

The datacentre facility features N+1 power supplies for uninterruptible power supplies as well as improved backup systems, cooling technology and security protection systems and a resilient national network. 

The Scotland datacentre addition is part of Icann’s strategy to expand the resiliency of its network with additional servers across its global network. 

“Providing the link in Scotland helps improve this global footprint in an area which wasn’t previously covered,” said Malcolm Dobson, brightsolid’s chief technology officer.

The facility has become the second UK infrastructure hub selected to host the critical Icann root server. The first Icann internet server system is in Leeds.

The datacentre will play a fundamental part in Icann’s objective to keep the internet secure, stable and interoperable, Dobson added.

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