EDF has complaints system problems as watchdog investigates

Energy supplier EDF is having problems with a new system designed to manage complaints as customer grievances increase

Energy supplier EDF is having problems with a new complaints management system amid a huge rise in the volume of customer grievances.

A report on Radio 4’s You & Yours programme described a massive increase in the number of customer complaints not being addressed at energy companies. The report said complaints to EDF that were not resolved in 24 hours rose from about 49,000 last year to 86,916 in the past 12 months.

Industry regulator Ofgem is investigating EDF’s handling of customer complaints.

A spokesman at Ofgem said computer systems are very important in recording, monitoring and resolving issues.

“Regulation 7 of the Consumer Complaints Handling Standards requires that suppliers receive, handle and process consumer complaints in an efficient and timely manner, allocating and maintaining such a level of resources as may reasonably be required to enable it to do so,” added the spokesman.

EDF confirmed it was implementing a new system, but had not responded with further details when this article was published.

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Well got to say the system is still not working as I have spent 69 minutes on the phone of which 20 was dealing with an Advisor who at the end of the call, told me the system has crashed and she will have to phone me back........ I will only say that when one of my bills was in CREDIT of nearly £30 and they wanted to increase this to £140 a month from the normal £42....... hence my call. I would advise everyone to seriously look at other providers before this lot.... And does anyone have a shovel for EDF so they can dig themselves out of this hole?