Huawei admits to being monitored by GCHQ

Huawei has admitted to working closely with government security arm GCHQ as part of review into security practices

Huawei has admitted to working closely with government security arm GCHQ as part of the agency’s ongoing review into the Chinese kit-maker's security practices.

Tim Watkins, Western Europe vice-president at Huawei, said GCHQ was monitoring Huawei as part of its ongoing review, but was not aware of any specific probe into the company.

The news comes as a parliamentary select committee said it was looking into Huawei’s operations in the UK following controversy around the safety of using the firm’s technology.

“We have a regular dialogue with GCHQ, which has gone out to China and had a look at our processes. We have a good relationship with it,” said Watkins.

On 8 October, a US congress committee released a report warning its government and businesses to avoid Huawei technology as it could enable the Chinese government to spy on its data networks and extract sensitive information, posing a risk to national security.

Watkins said the company was disappointed by the report's findings. “I would not say the report was protectionist, but it was unbalanced and light on facts,” he said.

Huawei also told Computer Weekly that it does not intend to do any further business in Iran, following reports from Reuters that one of the company’s partner firms last year tried to sell embargoed antenna equipment to an Iranian firm.

“Huawei is not seeking new business in Iran,” said Watkins.

The company said it has complied with all international laws and has already scaled back its presence in the Iranian market.



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