EE reveals UK's first 4G pricing plans

EE, the first mobile operator to bring 4G to the UK lays out its pricing plans, offering up to 128GB of data for business customers

EE has released its tariffs for the UK's first 4G contracts, which will be available from the end of October.

EE – created from the merger of T-Mobile and Orange and formerly known as Everything Everywhere – has outlined price plans for enterprise customers, as well as consumers, along with added extras for those willing to make the switch to its network.

However, only 10 cities will have the ability to connect to the 4G network at launch, with a further six following before Christmas.

The thinking behind the corporate contracts – which EE defines as businesses with 50 or more employees – is to charge an extra £3 supplement to companies who already have their work mobile deal with the operator.

This means the data allowance for 2G/3G contracts will sit at £8 for 1GB, £12.50 for 4GB and £17 for 8GB with an additional £3 if the company wants to use 4G as well.

For those looking at heftier data allowances, to take advantage of the likes of cloud applications or voice over IP services on the move, the data volumes on offer go higher – £30 for 16GB, £40 for 32GB, £80 for 64GB and £160 for 128GB. For these levels, the extra £3 is included in the price.

Price caps have been put in place to stop people going too far over their allowances – £50 for the first three price bands and £200 for the larger tariffs – but the cost per megabyte when a user does break the limit is 2.5p for the lower bands and 1p per megabyte for the higher.

EE has also introduced the ability to share the corporate data allowance with more than one employee. As long as the user has the necessary EE SIM card and compatible handset or tablet, businesses on contracts of up to 32GB can use the data for three devices at the cost of £3 each. But this is not available for the top-tier data allowances.

New customers will also get the benefit of a free 4G dongle or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

The pricing plans are the same for mobiles, tablets or mobile Wi-Fi, in a move which EE hopes will simplify the introduction to the new technology.

For those wanting to get onto the 4G network for personal mobiles, the prices will range from £36 per month for a 500MB data allowance, up to £56 per month for 8GB. The monthly charge does include unlimited calls and texts, however, along with free BT Wi-Fi services and EE Film – a service giving one free movie download every week and including the previously branded Orange Wednesdays deal for two-for-one cinema tickets.

The contracts do offer an added extra for the business traveler, however. For an extra £5 users can extend their unlimited calls and texts to cover them when in Europe, the US, China, Australia and a number of other countries, rather than having to pay the extra roaming charges. 

Small businesses will have all the capabilities of the consumer packages but have the addition of "sharing" price plans to enable a firm to buy a certain amount of data, minutes and texts and split it between employee devices. These tariffs start at £15 per user or £25 per month with a 4GB personal allowance.

There are also individual small business contracts on offer starting at £30 per month on a two-year contract, with 1GB of data, 1,000 minutes and 1,000 texts.

For mobile broadband dongles, consumers have a choice of paying £15.99 for 2GB, £20.99 for 3GB or £25.99 for 5GB per month. Small businesses will pay £13.33 for 2GB, £17.49 for 3GB or 21.66 for 5GB (excluding VAT).

The final announcement made by EE was the launch of its own fibre broadband network, which is in essence the rebranding of Orange Broadband that runs wholesale over BT’s network. There is a choice of £15 for an up-to 38Mbps connection with a download limit of 40GB, £20 for the same speed but unlimited downloads, or £25 to get speeds of up to 76Mbps.  

For the full list of tariffs, visit the EE website by clicking here.

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