Solitaire builds first IP payphones

Solitaire introduces IP connectivity to its payphones to increase functionality and lower call charges

IP telephony has been growing in popularity within the enterprise sector, but now thanks to Solitaire it is moving into the public sphere as well.

Solitaire has updated its 6000 and 6000HS payphone models to incorporate internet technology, enabling a much wider range of features for a device that has remained the same for many years.

Andy Winfield, purchasing director at the exclusive distributor for the payphones, Nimans, said: “In recent years, many organisations have migrated to IP but the payphone had been somewhat left behind. These [payphones] have quickly become a firm favourite with dealers as a value-add network-based solution.”

All that is needed for the phones to work is a broadband connection and router. Once connected, users in public spaces will have additional features available to them, such as call waiting, caller ID and do not disturb, as well as more complex capabilities like forwarding calls to the payphone onto a mobile.

“These two models represent a quantum leap forward as they propel the payphone into today’s modern IP era,” added Winfield. “Low cost calls offer the potential of even more revenue for end users, further enhancing their appeal. We expect demand to continue to rise.”

The IP version of the Solitaire 6000 costs just over £250, which the HS – designed as a more secure version of the payphone – begins at £514.


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