Samsung vows to fight Apple US ban

Samsung has vowed to take all "necessary measures" to stop Apple securing a ban on some product sales in the US.

Apple is to push for US authorities to ban several Samsung devices after its patent case victory, but the South Korean firm has vowed to take all "necessary measures" to keep its products on sale.

Samsung is determined to fight the ban after being hit by a $1bn fine by a US court for copying key elements of the Apple iPhone and a $12bn loss in market value as investors withdrew support.

Apple’s victory means the company will be able to apply for an injunction against the 24 Samsung smartphones and tablets named in the patent suit at a hearing scheduled for 20 September.

“We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the US," Samsung said.

But analysts said that given the one-sided nature of Apple's victory, it has a good chance of securing the ban, according to the Telegraph.

If it does, the blow for Samsung will be softened by the fact that eight of the smartphones involved are no longer bestsellers in the US, the paper said.

However, legal experts have warned that Apple could push for a ban on Samsung's bestsellers, including the Galaxy S3 smartphone.

This could have a significant impact on the South Korean firm as the US accounted for around 12% of Samsung's handset sales last quarter.




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