Lack of training holds back software industry

79% of IT professionals claim the only way to progress in their career is to move jobs, according to a survey from employment agency JAM

Software and electronic professionals feel the only way to progress in their career is to move jobs, according to a survey.

The poll of over 400 engineers, conducted by employment agency JAM recruitment, found 79% were considering a move due to dissatisfaction with pay and opportunities for career progression.

Over half of the respondents said they believe their employers do not invest enough in to the skills of their workforce. 

In addition, 61% believe their salary does not accurately reflect their skills and abilities. 85% feel employers want skilled staff but are not prepared to pay for them.

Daniel Turner, director of engineering and manufacturing at JAM, said that, considering how well-documented the UK skills gap is, it is worrying that most employees feel their only option for career progression is to switch jobs.

“With fewer skilled people around, employers need to look seriously at how they can engage and retain key staff,” said Turner.

Poor educational standards

The survey results also found that many place the blame for the skills gap on poor educational standards. 

Just over half (54%) said the current Computer Science degrees available do not equip graduates with the skills they need for the workplace. 

Furthermore, 44% believe the way ICT is taught in school is turning young people off a career in software and electronics.

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As a solution to this issue, 66% said the apprenticeship-led route in the software and electronics sector would allow the next generation entering the industry to learn relevant skills on the job.

“Apprenticeships may be unconventional for the IT industry but it’s clear from these results, that many on the ground believe growing its own talent is a credible solution to the sector’s skills shortage,” added Turner.   

The recruitment consultancy’s survey also found that the software and electronic industry is predominately made up of males aged between 26 and 35. The South East and London where cited as key locations, with 34% of respondents being based there.

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