Google puts Windows on Chromebooks

Google makes Windows run on Chromebooks and offers $150 one-off management fee

Google is revamping its Chromebook family with one-off management fees and the ability for users to run Windows.

Google has updated the operating system, which now offers an auto-enroll device management feature and zero-touch deployment. 

“Once a user is logged in, the Chromebook is automatically configured with the designated applications, networks and settings without any manual IT intervention,” wrote Glenn Wilson, product manager, Chrome for business, on the Google Chromebook blog.

Google has partnered with nGenx to provide hosted Windows virtualisation. As part of the revamp, Google is now offering a one-off management fee of $150 per device.

“One of the things we’ve learned from businesses is that Chromebooks and Chromeboxes make great tools for a variety of uses, such as retail stores, call centres, mobile or distributed workforces, and library lending,” added Wilson.

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