EMC bags 20PB storage deal with Facebook

A source close to the situation tells Computer Weekly the deal involves scale-out storage technologies

EMC has scored a massive deal with social network king Facebook to provide 20PB of storage for the firm.

The deal was revealed to Computer Weekly during the company conference in Las Vegas this week by a source familiar with the situation.

Although they wouldn’t unveil how much the contract amounted to, the source did tell us Facebook had invested into its scale out storage technology, putting it either in the Isilon or Atmos range of EMC products.

Throughout EMC World 2012, a number of executives have pointed to large scale deals the firm has achieved, as questions are raised about EMC’s traditional business.

The company is renowned for its expensive back-end storage boxes which sit in internal data centres, but with its major stakehold in VMware and its continual push into cloud environments – including Facebook – the company seems to be trying to change its image to one of virtual and cloud storage, rather than in-house legacy hardware.

The deal has with Facebook has come out just days after the social network became a publically traded company, with its IPO last Friday valuing it at $104bn. This has made the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, worth $32bn alone, with those looking to buy shares parting with $38 each.

However, just days later, shares are now valued on the NASDAQ at just $32.57 at the time of publication and rumours have surfaced that banks who led the IPO were forced to buy shares for Facebook on its first day of trading to keep the price above the $38 level.

For EMC though, this is still a major deal that it will hope proves its storage is ready for cloud environments.

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