MoD business services transformation avoids IT upheaval

The transformation of the MoD's business services will examine business processes to find savings before changing IT infrastructure

The transformation of the MoD division that provides it with business services will examine business processes to find savings before considering changes to the IT infrastructure.

Accenture has been subcontracted by Serco as part of its £36m contract to transform the MoD’s business services division, Defence Business Services (DBS).

The deal will see Accenture paid for results as it manages the transformation of DBS. Rather than plan an IT overhaul to cut costs, Accenture will improve business processes and only consider IT changes after all options have been investigated.

Rob Gibbs, UK Defence and Public Safety lead at Accenture, said another major IT project in government is not always the right way to cut costs and improve efficiency. He said Accenture has no reason to believe IT should be replaced in the short term.

He said that, while there is a major task in providing continuity of IT services, the plan is not to rip out and replace. 

“We think there are much lower risk and more effective ways of getting return on investment,” said Gibbs. 

“If you are trying to achieve better for less, then starting with the IT might not get you the right answer,” he said.

Gibbs said this was not a traditional outsourcing contract and all staff at DBS would remain where they are.

The MoD recently outsourced the pay and pensions administration services of the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) to CSC.

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