Cisco snaps up analytics firm Truviso

Cisco has acquired real time data analytics firm Truviso for an undisclosed amount.

Cisco is acquiring real time data analytics company Truviso,  to boost its capabilities of monitoring data in the network.

The networking giant, set to hold its annual conference next month in San Diego, kept quiet about how much it had spent on the fellow US firm, but claimed the real time data analytics would be worth the money.

Truviso is best known for leveraging the open source PostgreSQL database management system to analyse data as it travels over the network, which Cisco described as “analyse-first, store-later.”

This in-band method is becoming increasingly popular, compared to the traditional way of collecting data and then running analysis over the top, as it speeds up the process and allows for more accurate readings of data as and when it comes into a business.  

“Customers want to be able to tap into and better analyse the enormous volume of data traversing their networks to identify ways to enhance services and generate new revenue opportunities,” said Jamie Lerner, vice president and general manager of the network management technology group at Cisco. 

“Embedding Truviso’s real time business intelligence into the network will help customers unlock these capabilities at the speed of the network.”

The technology brought into Cisco by the acquisition will be added into its Prime network management platform.

After all the regulatory hoops have been jumped through, Cisco expects the acquisition to complete in the fourth quarter of its financial year, which ends in July 2012.

When completed, Truviso’s team will join Lerner’s department.

Earlier this week, Cisco  announced it had finalised its acquisition of ClearAccess. The Vancouver-based firm provides technology for service providers to provision and manage mobile devices over the internet.

Like Truviso, ClearAccess will be integrated into Cisco’s network management technology group.  

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