Advertising Standards Authority investigates Apple iPad 4G claims

Apple's 4G claims for the new iPad have led to complaints, with renewed scrutiny from UK regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Apple's 4G claims in advertising for the new iPad have attracted criticism and renewed scrutiny by the UK regulator after further complaints.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is not satisfied Apple has complied with an agreement to amend claims about the latest iPad's 4G capabilities, according to the BBC.

After initial complaints that the advertising was misleading because it will not be compatible with UK 4G when it is introduced, the ASA asked Apple to make no reference to 4G on its UK website.

The ASA told the BBC that, despite Apple's claims that it had removed references to 4G, the UK site still offers consumers the chance to buy a "Wi-Fi + 4G" version of the iPad.

The site does include a note that explains that "4G LTE" is supported only on certain networks in the US and Canada, but the ASA said it had received several complaints about other "potentially problematic" claims relating to 4G, which it will investigate.

However, the BBC cited an unnamed source at Apple as saying that the company gave no undertaking to remove all references to 4G from its site.

In March, Apple offered to refund iPad owners in Australia who felt misled about its 4G capabilities.

The offer was made after Australia's consumer watchdog took Apple to court for false advertising, because the tablet computer does not work on Australia's 4G network.

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