Chrome gets fixes for 6 ‘high rated’ security bugs

Google has updated its Chrome browser to 17.0.963.83. This regular stable channel release fixes a total of 10 vulnerabilities, 6 of which are rated high.

Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 17.0.963.83 in a maintenance update that addresses a total 10 vulnerabilities. Out of these, six have a high severity rating. This release also fixes issues with Adobe Flash gaming on Chrome’s Windows, Mac and Linux editions.

The high rated vulnerabilities include a memory corruption issue in WebGL’s canvas handling, as well as cross-origin violation with Chrome’s ‘magic iframe’. Multiple use-after-free issues have been fixed in first-letter handling, CSS cross-fade handling and block splitting. The last high rated bug is an integer issue existing in the libpng PNG reference library.

In addition to these, one medium and three low rated bugs have also been fixed. The full roster of fixes can be found at the Google Chrome release blog. The latest release of Chrome can be downloaded from here or updated by existing users using the built-in update function. A total of $5,500 was given away by Google to researchers for discovering the bugs.

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