MoD signs £440m Capita outsourcing deal

The Ministry of Defence has signed a £440m deal with Capita to deliver the Recruiting Partnering Project.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed a £440m deal with Capita to deliver its Recruiting Partnering Project (RPP).

The contract, valued at around £44m a year for 10 years, is expected to save the armed forces more than £300m.

Capita will work with a range of partners to support the military recruitment and assessment process and the recruitment technology component of the IT platform. It will also provide a tri-service information and communications technology platform to underpin recruitment for the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

Neil Polley, RPP project manager at the MoD, said: “This initiative will increase the number and improve the quality of recruits joining the Army.  The contract covers the entire recruiting and selection process for both the Regular Army and the Territorial Army, and will transform the way the Army recruits its officers and soldiers. The contract will release over 1,000 military recruiters back to the front line, and will deliver hundreds of millions of pounds in benefits,” he said.

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If Crapita have any thing to do with it, this is heading down the toilet?


I don't normally comment on articles but due to the issues with the the Army Recruitment that has happened recently I would be asking for a full refund. The services has been nothing short of a disaster. It you had witnessed the recent Junior Soldier intake that took place on Sunday in Harrogate you would have to agree, over 40 Junior soldiers turned away for their intake, due to Capita not getting everything in place properly. The emotional distress this intake process has for junior Soldiers and Parents alike is bad enough without this farce. Shame on them!
Army Mums have now nicknames them CRAPITA