Podcast: Storage growth is being driven by virtualisation

In this podcast, Gartner vice president Valdis Filks talks to ComputerWeekly and SeachStorage.co.uk about storage trends

The drive to virtualise datacentres is leading to increased pressure on enterprise storage.

In a podcast interview with Computer Weekly and SearchStorage.co.uk, Gartner research director, Valdis Filks, said, "Many virtualisation projects reduce server cost, but they do not reduce storage cost."

While there are plenty of storage virtualisation products in the market, Valdis says the major benefit of virtualisation is consolidation. So storage managers can make major savings through storage consolidation, rather than implementing storage virtualisation.

IT departments in the UK and Europe are spending less money on storage this year for the second year in a row, according to the results of the 2011 SearchStorage.co.UK European storage purchasing intentions survey. But significant amounts of money are still being spent. And price is now the key purchasing criterion in many product areas, while perceptions of high price have limited solid-state storage adoption.

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