Apple updates OS X Lion to 10.7.3, releases Snow Leopard security fix

Releases next major update to OS X Lion; pushes out security-only updates to Snow Leopard and other Apple software.

Apple released its third major update for OS X Lion (both client and server) on Wednesday, bringing it up to version 10.7.3.  It simultaneously released security-only updates for OS X Snow Leopard and its server counterpart, with the 2012-001 security update package. An update to Apple Remote Desktop and has also been released.

The 10.7.3 update brings more language support to the Mac, in addition to resolving authentication issues that OS X Lion had with directory services. The update also addresses a compatibility issue with Windows file sharing and issues OS X log in issues (while using smart cards). Additional RAW image compatibility and resolution of a potential authentication issue with SMB DFS shares is part of the update. 10.7.3 has the new Safari v5.1.3.

It addresses issues with printing Microsoft Word documents that use markup, graphics performance on earlier iMacs that use ATI graphics, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 10.7.3 update is available as an incremental client update (~997 MB), which updates OS X v10.7.2 to v10.7.3 and a combo update (~1.2 GB), which can patch all previous versions of OS X Lion from 10.7.0 onwards, to the latest version. More information can be found in this Apple knowledgebase advisory.

The OS X Lion server update brings numerous enhancements, a complete list of which can be found here. Major improvements include fixes to file manager and profile manager, as well as improvements to the Web, VPN and file sharing panes. The mail and wiki service in addition to Xsan have also been tweaked. Updates have also been rolled-out for Apple’s Server admin tools client, bringing it up to version 10.7.3. Improvements have been made to gateway setup assistant, system image utility and the workgroup manager. The full details can be found here.

As part of Apple’s update policy, security only updates were released simultaneously for Snow Leopard — both client and server. These security patches are also part of the above 10.7.3 update for OS X Lion (client and server). The security update contains close to 38 security fixes for the operating system, and is part of the 10.7.3 update.

Vulnerabilities fixed include a patch for blocking Diginotar certificates, security bugs in Time Machine along with updates to Apache and PHP components. Security bugs in QuickTime have also been patched for six security holes that could potentially allow remote code execution. None of these bugs has been exploited in the wild thus far. More info on the update can be found in this knowledgebase advisory.

The update to Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.2 addresses issues with screen sharing, and fixes authentication while using Kerberos. It also fixes issues with control of a remote computer with two displays. More information can be found here. The updates can be downloaded as standalone packages from Apple’s support website, or through the in-built Apple software update utility.

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