Apple halts iPhone 4S sales in China

Apple stopped sales of its iPhone 4S in the Chinese capital Beijing after delays sparked violence among hundreds who had queued for hours for the official release of the most recent iPhone.

Delays in opening the main Apple store in China’s capital Beijing sparked violence among hundreds of customers who had queued for hours for the iPhone 4S.

Police arrested two people after scuffles broke out when the crowd threw eggs at the store in Beijing's upmarket Sanlitun shopping district and shouted at staff to open the doors.

Police cleared and sealed off the area and employees later posted a sign in the window saying the iPhone 4S was out of stock, according to reports.

Last May, the store was closed for several hours after a scuffle between an employee and a customer during the release of the iPhone 4.

Some of those queuing said they planned to buy as many of the phones as possible and resell them at a profit to cash-in on demand for “Steve Jobs’s best” iPhone, said other reports.

Reselling is a major industry in China, where the new iPhone has been on sale for months at a premium on the black market, the reports said.

China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, is Apple's fastest growing region, with revenues second only to the US.

Although Apple stores in Shanghai opened without incident, Apple called a halt to sales of the iPhone 4S in Beijing and Shanghai to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

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