Investment firm Investec backs cloud computing take-up

Investment company Investec is investing in IT suppliers that are building cloud delivery models.

Investment company Investec is backing IT suppliers that build cloud-delivery models.

Cost-cutting programmes are encouraging businesses to look for cloud-based services and the challenge of big data makes pay-as-you-use storage desirable.

Investec – which provides up to £50m each to UK mid-market companies – says it is backing UK IT service providers with funds to build the required infrastructure for cloud computing delivery. This reflects confidence in the growth of cloud service take-up.

The need to cut costs and the challenge of managing high volumes of data – which is increasingly business-critical – will spur the take-up of cloud services provided by service provides, said Investec.

“Difficult market conditions are fueling demand for IT services because companies can reduce costs by outsourcing hardware, software and maintenance or support to trusted third parties,” said Investec. “The rise of ‘big data’, including video and photography archives, internet search indexing and social media is also driving demand for higher volumes of IT storage, which can be provided on a flexible basis by third parties at a lower cost.” 

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