Launchpad6 leverages AWS to build video CMS platform

Launchpad6 needed to deploy a flexible storage infrastructure to serve video for its customers. AWS answered their storage problems.

Launchpad6 is an instant, online user-generated video distribution site. Unlike YouTube, Launchpad6 allows you to create your own, branded video site. Amongst the sorts of applications are sites such as talent-finding sites for sporting clubs. Launchpad6 is discussing this with some English football clubs as a way of potential players making themselves known to potential teams. They also work with the Apollo Theater in New York and Voodoo Coffee Company in Sydney, reflecting the diverse applications for the Launchpad6 platform. Ultimately, the plan to become a video CMS by leveraging the platform.

Each video that is uploaded is re-encoded so that it's distributed in both high and low resolution formats. Depending on which format is uploaded, as many as five different versions of the original video are held. When a user watches a movie, Launchpad6's system determines the best version to deliver.

As such, the storage and bandwidth requirements are very high. Initially, Launchpad6 started by using local hosting sourced from one of the company founders. However, they soon found that the performance and extensibility was limited.

Aaron Beashel, the Director of Marketing and one of the company founders, told us that "Once we started started to really crunch the numbers it just became unrealistic from a start-up point of view to do it through those means. The bandwidth costs that he was being forced to charge us because of the bandwidth charge he was getting was just ridiculous. It was going to put our product at a price point that was just unsellable".

Beashal and the Launchpad6 team started to look at other options and it became crystal clear that the solution was outside. Part of that journey took them towards Amazon Web Services, or AWS. Although Beashal didn't come from a technical background, he found that the AWS solution might be a way past the limitations of local, self-hosted infrastructure.

AWS offered the hosting, storage, bandwidth and distributed network that filled all of Launchpad6's needs - particularly with regards to uptime SLAs. "It was a no brainer. They offered such an array of services that were perfectly suited for what we were trying to do" according to Beashal.

Since their launch, Launchpad6 has  ingested 30.2GB of video and streamed 162.6GB of video. They're currently holding 5.8GB of videos for their clients.

As a result of the move to a cloud-based storage and application solution, Launchpad6 has been able to measure the following benefits

  • A 90% reduction in its bandwidth costs
  • 95% cost saving in terms of server hosting, maintenance and management
  • Being able to reduce the cost of providing the Launchpad6 contest platform to its clients by 94%
  • A time saving of 4-5 man-hours per client site, during a platform setup

As a result prices have been kept at a reasonable level for customers, service delivery has improved and profitability has been boosted.

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