NetApp announces Big Data solutions as market grows

In the quest to manage Big Data, NetApp has announced new solutions to manage the growth in unstructured data in a dynamic market

NetApp has announced two new Big Data solutions to better manage the scale of data growth and complexity created by high-bandwidth applications.

As part of its continued investment in high performance computing, NetApp has introduced two new Big Data solutions based on the NetApp E-Series platform. These are designed to give organisations the ability to solve bandwidth and density challenges, realise immediate improvements in efficiencies and improve the time to results.

The new solutions are designed for analytics, bandwidth and content repository requirements. The new solutions are designed to serve the needs of bandwidth-intensive needs in concert with the Lustre and Quantum StorNext parallel file systems.

The NetApp High Performance Computing Solution for Lustre is purpose-built to efficiently scale bandwidth and density with proven reliability to solve difficult research, modelling, and simulation problems. The solution shortens time to results and increases compute efficiency with a storage solution optimised for the Lustre file system and eliminates data bottlenecks with 30GB/sec writes. Power and cooling requirements, and operational costs are reduced by maximising disk drive performance in less rack space.

The NetApp Seismic Processing Solution provides efficient access to big data generated by seismic processing operations to help exploration teams make optimal decisions. The high density E-Series platform supports 1.8PB in each industry-standard 40U rack. The solution manages high-bandwidth seismic processing operations with Quantum’s StorNext file system.

NetApp's approach provides an interesting contrast to that of other vendors who take a different approach. NetApp is looking to a storage solution whereas other vendors, such as EMC and Oracle are touting a dedicated platform that pulls the storage and analytics into once logical or physical device.

For example, the recently announced Oracle Big Data appliance that includes hardware and software for data acquisition and analysis. Similarly, EMC is pushing its own dedicated big data platform with the Greenplum Modular Data Computing Appliance.

A broader look at the Big Data marketplace reveals some interesting insights. For example, a recent Gartner report titled "Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools" reveals that many of the big enterprise computing players are active in this space with IBM, Informatica, Oracle and SAP identified as leaders. However, the companies to watch are Pervasive Software, Talend and iWay Software - noted as visionaries in Gartner's report.

Clearly, with the volume of unstructured data expected to grow by 800% in the next five years, it's clear that NetApp's announcement won't be the last in this growing market space.

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