Logica calls for system integrators to join SMEs in effort to stimulate UK innovation

Logica has called for UK policy to increase collaboration between large system integrators and SME suppliers to stimulate innovation, following the IT services supplier's demand for a a central register of university intellectual property.

Logica has called for a policy to increase collaboration between large system integrators and SME suppliers to stimulate UK innovation.

Logica added this to its call for a central register of university intellectual property (IP), accessible by industry to commercialise academic research.

In a discussion forum last week, the IT services supplier outlined two measures to stimulate innovation.

The first was the IP register and the second a call for a policy that would stimulate more collaboration between large IT suppliers and SMEs.

Logica said: "The introduction of a policy where public sector contracts are awarded to companies which demonstrate Open Innovation and a collaborative approach with small businesses and academia within its approach to delivery" could boost innovation.

Logica added that this should be supported by a charter outlining the innovation and collaborative mechanisms which government contractors should meet.

Craig Boundy, CEO of Logica UK, said industry has traditionally kept ideas in-house and developments have been patented and protected by law, stifling the potential for UK organisations to IP: "Very few organisations have the resources to innovate effectively on their own, but at the moment, it is virtually impossible to browse and commercially access intellectual property and existing research. The UK needs to reclaim our position as the global hub of innovation and we believe that by instilling a greater sense of collaboration throughout UK companies, we can collectively address this trend."

If collaboration in public sector IT services between SMEs and system integrators is anything to go by, sharing innovative ideas could be difficult. The government has already outlined its desire to increase the number of SME IT suppliers working in the public sector. In November the government announced it will increase SME procurement to 25% of public sector contracts.

But SME suppliers claim there are major obstacles preventing this from working. These include the entrenched interests of systems integrators.

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