NHS Scotland signs £1.8m deal for single sign-on system

NHS Scotland has signed £1.8m contract for a single a single sign-on and password reset system to improve access to health systems.

NHS Scotland has signed £1.8m contract for a single sign-on and password reset system to improve access to health systems over the next five years.

The deal will be delivered in a partnership between Imprivata and Northgate Managed Services.

The OneSign system is expected to increase productivity and enhance data security for health workers across Scotland and will be made across the 97 hospitals in Scotland, as well as 1,300 GP practices. It is designed to support Scotland's "Better Health, Better Care" initiative to remove unnecessary cost, delays and better manage the workflow complexity associated with accessing electronic patient data.

The system was first piloted at NHS Fife covering all its clinical applications and 3,000 users. Ronnie Monaghan, head of e-health programme at NHS Fife, says benefits also include a reduction in desktop support and freeing up more time for clinicians to spend with patients. The software has provided a seamless transfer of applications, with minimal technology upgrades to the trust's infrastructure, he adds.

"We spent a lot of time looking at options and we did a proof of concept and procured incrementally with annual testing. But the thing to remember is it will probably take about two years to get everybody moving at the same level," he said.

The single password system will also be used for the basis of trusts' testing of a secure walk-away system, which will use facial recognition technology to access multiple portals containing sensitive patient information without the risk of confidentiality breaches, says Monaghan.

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