Google takes two-step authentication global in 40 languages

Google has rolled out its two-step verification sign-in system to more than 150 countries.

Google has rolled out its two-step verification sign-in system to more than 150 countries in 40 languages.

The security feature was introduced in February to help protect Google account holders from threats like password compromise and identity theft, but was available only in English.

By entering a one-time verification code, users can make it much more difficult for anyone else to access their accounts.

On setup, users can choose whether to receive the verification code by text, voice message or from a free Google authenticator app for Android, BlackBerry or Apple mobile devices.

"News of password theft and data breaches constantly remind us to stay on our toes and take advantage of tools to properly secure our valuable online information," says Nishit Shah, product manager, Google Security.

E=mail, social networking and other online accounts still get compromised today, but two-step verification cuts those risks significantly, she wrote in a blog post.

VIDEO: Using Google's Two-Step Verification

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