IT pay up and redundancies down

IT workers are receiving bigger...

IT workers are receiving bigger pay rises than at any time in the past three years and the number being made redundant is down, according research from salary survey firm Celre.

The results of Celre's Computer Staff Salary Survey for the year to May 2008 of 66,843 IT and computer staff at 572 workplaces defy the current economic climate created by fears of recession in the UK.

Celre found that average pay for IT staff grew above inflation at 4.8%. It also revealed that total salaries were being boosted by average bonuses of 15.3% of salaries for IT managers and 8.5% for non-managers.

Fear of redundancy also fell, with low levels of job losses reported in the IT sector. IT redundancy levels were only 1.6% compared with 3% for managers in other sectors - a figure that doubled over the past six months.

"Salaries are still rising faster than inflation and there is little indication that redundancies are becoming any more widespread," said Mark Crail, managing editor at Celre.

"The job security still enjoyed by IT staff is in stark contrast those in other departments. This shows that companies are still finding it difficult to recruit and retain IT staff with the skills they need," said Crail.

Job satisfaction has also increased with the rate of resignations falling from 8.3%, in the year to May 2007, to 6.5% in the past 12 months.

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