Incipient claims world first for storage

Incipient is claiming a storage world first...

Incipient is claiming a world first with the announcement that users of its flagship software product, the Incipient Network Storage Platform (iNSP) software suite, will be able to migrate data within a storage area network (SAN) using switch-based storage virtualisation software without disrupting applications.

The company claims that the iNSP suite is the industry’s first storage virtualisation solution that is embedded on industry standard director-class intelligent Fibre Channel (FC) switches. iNSP supports the Cisco MDS 9000 series of intelligent FC switches with the 32-Port Storage Services Module (SSM).

The benefits of such an integrated solution, says iNSP, is that it reduces the complexity and cost of managing SAN storage and, furthermore, is the first true enterprise-class storage virtualisation solution on the market. Incipient has certified iNSP’s interoperability with arrays from storage vendors including EMC, HP, HDS and IBM.

In addition, the company says, end users will benefit from cost reductions for storage array lease and maintenance fees by shortening the amount of overlap time between new arrays scheduled for production and older arrays scheduled for decommissioning.

iNSP also automatically provisions new Tier 2 storage and then migrates data between storage tiers regardless of the storage array vendor, providing what it describes as a true heterogeneous data mobility platform to a SAN environment. This is designed to allow companies more flexibility and choice of storage vendors; buying storage based on business requirements.

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